Top 10 indian recipes


Top 10 indian recipes

When we go to restaurants obviously we order only the most delicious food.

The top 10 recipes mostly available or mostly people order in Indian restaurants are

1) Paneer Butter Masala:

It is a main course Indian Vegetarian dish, the main ingredient is paneer pieces. It is mostly served with naans, phulkas, parathas, pulaos, fried rice and bread as a gravy time curry.

2) Hyderabad Biryani:

       Hyderabad Biryani indian food bangkok

Hyderabad biryani served in the form of dum biryani is the most famous food. It is prepared using dum chicken and pulao rice. Hyderabad veg. biryani, chicken biryani and mutoon biryani is also the dishes under this.

3) Egg Curry:

It is a very well known dish used as a side dish on rice, chapattis, and pulao. It is made with tomatoes or using some green species along with masalas.

4) Dal Makhani:

Dal Makhani indian food bangkok

It is a famous food from Punjab region. It makes with soaked dal, rajma and with lots of butter and cream. Mostly north Indian people will surely have it in their menu.

5) Alu Gobi:Alu Gobi - indian food bangkok

There are many styles of making alu gobi but the ingredients must present are as the name specifies aloo (potatoes) and gobi (cauliflower). It can be taken as a starter or curry and as a side-dish also.

6) Roti /Paratha /Naans:Parantha - indian food bangkok

Roti also known as chapathi is made with atta, and water. Paratha is also made with atta or maida and coming to the naans the ingredients used are same as roti/paratha but it is baked with oil or butter.

All these are served with a curry or as a stuffed food.

7) Veg Biryani:

It is mostly makes with basmati rice along with mixed vegetables and it is mildly spiced. Its taste varies with the spice mix used in it. It is served with a curry and raita.

8) Paalak Paneer:Paalak Paneer - indian food bangkok

The ingredients used in this are paneer, spinach, cheese and grind masala. It makes as a curry in food or chapathi…

9) Masala Dosa:Masala Dosa - indian food bangkok

It is a south Indian food takes as a breakfast almost available in all places of India. The main ingredients used are grinded rice grains along with rava/black gram and mashed potato as a stuffed ingredient. It is served with varieties of chutneys and sambar.

10) Rasgola/Gulab Jamoon/Jalebi/Gajar ka Halwa:

Gulab Jamoon - indian dessert food

It is a dessert which concludes main course of food. Rasgola and gulab jamoon are syrup type foods. Jalebi is mix of syrup which is deep fry of maida. Gajar ka Halwa is carrot based sweet.

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