Top 10 Indian Dessert Recipes


Gulab Jamun :

Often referred to as Indian donuts, gulab jamun are deep-fried dumplings that are soaked in a sugar syrup laced with rose water, that is shaped round. Intensely sweet, just one small dumpling will be enough to satisfy your craving. A festive favourite!

Jelabi :


Sweet, sticky and irresistible, jelabi are deep-fried  Indian sweets . The prefect delicious Jalebi is crisp on the exterior, with a soft chewy texture inside which is filled with sugary sticky syrup. The batter is commonly made of chickpea flour and the yellow color is derived from saffron. Citric acid or lime juice is sometimes added to the syrup, as well as rosewater or other flavour such as kewra water. It can be eaten warm or cold.

Kheer :


A creamy Indian rice pudding laced with cardamom, kheer is often prepared with sliced blanched almonds and raisins. It is commonly enhanced with saffron for very festive season such as Diwali and weddings. Kheer is the quintessential Indian dessert. It’s what every Indian grew up eating! So next time you cook Indian, make sure to finish off the meal with this lovely kheer.

Malai Kulfi :


Kulfi is commonly  prepared by traditional way and it’s evaporating sweetened and flavoured milk via slow cooking, with almost continuously stirring to keep milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel where it might burn, until its volume is reduced by a half, thus thickening it, increasing its fat, protein, and lactose density. It has a distinctive taste due to caramelization of lactose and sugar during the lengthy cooking process. It is garnished with ground cardamom, saffron, or pistachio nuts. Kulfi is also served with faloodeh.

Kaju katli :

Known as kaju katli, is an Indian dessert similar to a barfi. Kaju is the Marathi word for cashew. Katli is often, but not always, made by thickening milk with sugar and other ingredients such as dry fruits and mild spices. Kesar kaju katli is a recipe that includes saffron. This version of kaju katli is considered to be more exotic and rich.

Skewer Exotica :

Exotic fruit with hot gulabjamun and vanilla ice cream in a rare combination brings in the beautiful memory of our traditional sweets in India. The juicy fruits with the ice-cream tastes so delicious which we couldn’t resist and final topping with vanilla ice-cream explodes the mouth.

Malpua with Rabdi :

Malpua is an absolutely Indian dessert recipe is commonly a sugar syrup soaked pancake prepared from a batter of flour, milk and cardamom. These pancakes are usually fried in ghee till crisp along the edges, soaked in sugar syrup, garnished with pistachios and served warm with a topping of Rabri aka rich thickened milk. A popular variation of the Malpua batter is to add grated coconut and ripe bananas which yields a soft and spongy pancake.

Lobong Lotika :

Lobong Lotika  is a traditional Bengali sweets and made specially to mark the coming of Durga Puja Festival ( Mahishasura Mardhini ) . It’s shaped to resemble a tiny envelope, which is then sealed with a single clove, the Lobongo Lotika is usually savoured during special occasions. Main ingredients are  refined flour pastry, stuffed with a mix of khoya, raisins, grated coconeut, nuts, and cardamom, which is then folded like an envelope, held together with a stick of clove, it is then fried in ghee, and soaked in thick sugar syrup for a little while to make it extra. It is gold in color and the flakes of Lotika is really delicious.

Shor Bhaja :


Originally from Krishna Nagar in Nadia district of West Bengal, the Shor Bhaja (directly translated from fried milk cream) is probably one of the toughest sweets to make. Typically it should involve nothing but layers of milk cream, deep fried and  then soaked in sugar syrup. But there are certain variations that include the adding of cardamom and rose water for flavour and essence.

Patishapta :


This stuffed pancake roll is preserved for Makar Sankranti, and this always made at home. Stuffed with a coconut and jaggery mix, it’s typically had warm because the filling doesn’t quite do the trick otherwise. The pancake batter is made with maida (all purpose flour),  rice flour,  and semolina,  and is mixed with milk. And it has to be really thin too. Some even drizzle a bit of sweet thickened milk on top of the roll before serving. This is really yummicious.

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