How to make Traditional Steamed Modak Recipe



Modak is a famous Indian traditional dumpling sweet recipe, It’s originated by Indian subcontinent. Modak recipe is specially prepared for Ganesh Chaturthi festival times. In this sweets inside stuffed with Coconut, Jaggery, Nutmeg, Saffron and the outer soft shell is made from rice flour or wheat flour.

Modak sweet is also popular in Japan country and it ‘s called Kangidan. In this sweet offered for God Kangiten.

Modak is one of the steamed cooking dessert recipes, It is classified into different types are

  • Mava Modak
  • Kesari Modak
  • Mug Dal Modak
  • Dark Chocolate Modak
  • Dry Fruit Modak
  • Coconut Rose Modak
  • Paneer Modak
  • Motichoor Modak
  • Baklava Modak:
  • Gulkand and Mawa Modak
  • Chocolate Modak

Main Ingredients: Coconut, Jaggery, Saffron, Water, Ghee, Rice flour, Green cardamom,


How to Prepare Modak Recipe:

  • Heat a pan, add the grated coconut, green cardamom, and jaggery.  Stir for about five minutes and then after add saffron, mix well.
  • Now to prepare the dough, Take a bowl, add rice flour & 1 cup of hot water in it and then add some sesame oil & salt, Stir mix well.
  • The dough should not be too hard. Now take a little dough, Then make small balls of the dough.
  • Inside stuffed with stirring grated Coconut, Jaggery, Saffron, green cardamom.  Shape the edges into a flower pattern.
  • Put the dumplings in a banana leaf or muslin cloth and apply a bit ghee on it and place it in the steamer pan 10 -15 min, ready to serve Modak sweets.

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