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Indian delicacy

About Bombay Belly

Bombay Belly Restaurant is promoted by Ramar International, which has a wide experience in the hospitality segment.

From delicious grills to handcrafted breads to traditional slow-cooked desserts with a modern twist, our chefs spare no effort in bringing you the best in taste to the Indian food. Wood-fires, clay-ovens and artistry are an everyday thing and we take great pride in saying that only the finest selections of meats, spices and vegetables make it to our kitchen and ultimately on to your plate.

Ramar International has as another restaurant in Bangkok in the name of INTEAK, which serves the North West Frontier Cuisine.

A historical region of erstwhile India that lies on the Afghanistan border has long since been a strategic area because of its proximity to the Khyber Pass. Its cuisine is characterized by a traditional, robust, characterful style of cooking that relies heavily on carefully hand-grilling a wide array of meats and vegetables to extract as much flavour as possible. Our endeavour at Inteak is to add modern flair and new-age twists to this culinary marvel - Breakfast in bangkok.

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Bombay Belly

The Best food outlet in Bangkok is our Restaurent. Landmark - 5th Floor, SHow DC Mall

Breakfast in bangkok